Brandywine Drive & Greentree Road

Marlton, NJ 08053

Woodstream Swim Club

1.) A membership consists of parents and children, that are at least 2 yrs of age, by Memorial Day 
2.)  Children under two (2) and Seniors over the age of 65 who reside in the member household are free of charge 
3.) Proof of residency is required for adult children/grandparent (65+) listed as family members
4.)  Any person (guest) who are not included in fully paid membership are limited to five (5) visits per season as a guest
5.)  A Child Care Member is a non member and will be required to sign in at desk while accompanying member's child/children of which they are providing care 
6.) This form and payment needs to be completed and turned in prior to receiving badges, which will be required for entry into the Club.
7.) Payments Plans will be arranged at the discretion of the board and can start as early as Jan 1, however all payments due by May 15
8.) Signature of your agreement of the Code of Conduct will be required when picking up badges
9.) Members will ensure their guest sign a Code of Conduct Form, prior to getting their badges.

Terms & Conditions

On Line Membership Application Form